Happening Upon...

According to my friends I'm not real...apparently, the things that happen in my daily existence, are beyond out of the ordinary.

Only you!

What is your life?

That would literally only happen to you!

In the beginning I begged to differ: "That could happen to anyone!" I'd argue in protest. But, eventually, I started to see their point... I guess it is a bit odd that I can make statements such as these:

We turned the corner and were met with a street packed with people, all of whom were wearing glowing, red devil horns.

And before you knew it I was saying yes, completely disregarding that I am scared of heights - I guess a free hot air balloon ride trumps fear... Oh! I almost forgot, we then proceeded to get stuck in a tree!

Well, I mean, when the day started out I didn't know I'd wind up riding a unicycle on a tightrope...

(photo proof of my weird life below)

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I have trouble saying no. To helping others. To a second brownie. To a hot air balloon ride even when I'm terrified of the whole concept... and for a long time, this was what I contributed my "unrealness' to:

Want to check out this devil-themed festival? Yes.

Want to ride in a hot air balloon? Ummm, yes?

Want to ride this unicycle on a tightrope? Yeah!

Want to try these sour cream and onion crickets? Sure.

Want to meet David Sedaris? Hell yeah!

Want to tour the backstage area of the Antiques Roadshow? Ummm, yes!

And while I still believe that my penchant for saying "yes" is a large factor in my weird life, what I've realized, is that even more so than my agreeable nature, it is my openness - to the new, the unknown, and the conquering of my fears - that truly creates the catalyst for my weird tales.

What my friends call unreal, I call "happening upon": those pieces of life that you don't plan for, but instead just come across, and enjoy.

Even when I set out on the most spontaneous of adventures, there is still some level of planning done beforehand. It may be nothing further than," I would like to see New Grange," but still, I have some basic idea(s). However, I always ensure that there is some flexibility built in to any trip. By leaving my self time, and room, in each trip, and life's grand itinerary, I allow myself the opportunity to "happen upon" things, and to see them through for what they're worth.

So the next time you're sitting in a café and overhear the table next to you discussing how they unearthed some 800+ year-old skeletons, be willing to cancel your scheduled castle tour and go find them. Let yourself happen upon some adventures. Say yes to more than brownies. Live an unreal life.

#gettinglost #tripplanning #happeningupon

Honey, I'm Holmes!

Marian is a twenty-six year old disaster who hates hotels, loves new experiences, and always dresses inappropriately for the weather. 

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